Top 8 # Xem Nhiều Nhất Điện Gia Dụng Mới Nhất 3/2023 # Top Like |

Mỏ Hàn Điện 40W / 80W Có Thể Điều Chỉnh

Features: – Humanity Design: Force controllable handle, easy to use. – Focused Design: Help users improve the efficiency. – Power Adjustable: 40W/80W, switch at any time. – Double Power: Fast heating up to improve work efficiency. Specifications: Color: Blue Plug Type: EU Input Voltage: 220V-240V, 60Hz Power: 40W/80W (Switchable) Package Size: Approx. 20*15*2.5cm / 7.87*5.91*0.98in … Read more

Mô Đun Rơ Le 4 Kênh Dc 12V 30A

This is a relay module with high performance, which is convenient and practical for users. Features: 4-channel, DC 12V 30A relay module. Output capacity: within DC 30V 30A or AC 250V 30A. Using optocoupler isolation, strong anti-jamming capability and stable performance. 1. DC +: DC power supply positive; 2. DC -: DC power supply module … Read more

Mô Đun Kiểm Tra Pin Đa Năng 0.2A ~ 3A 35W Lcd Usb Có Thể Điều Chỉnh

Features: LCD display for clear reading. With multi-input modes, can set current continuously. Compact and portable design, convenient to carry. Can measure wire resistance by using pressure-drop method. Specifications: Display: 128 * 64 Input Voltage: 3.6V~30V Input Current: 0.2~3A Voltage Resolution: 0.001V Current Resolution: 0.001A Max. Power: 35W Wire Resistance Measurement: Pressure-drop method Capacity: 0~9999.9AH, … Read more

Mô Đun Hẹn Giờ 4 Kênh Dc6-40V

Features: High performance microcontroller for high stability, high reliability and low power consumption. Specifications: Timing Range: 0.1s – 9999min Adjustable Cycle: 0 – 9999 times Adjustable Working Power Supply: DC6-40V Four Signal Input Impedance > 100K Input Signal Voltage Range: DC0-40V Working Current: When backlight off current is about 9mA/12V(0.11W) 4 Relays Working Current: about … Read more

Mô Đun Điều Chỉnh Điện Áp Năng Lượng Mặt Trời 5A 80W

Features: [Thickened Heat Sink] Large heat dissipation space, two-way ventilation, good heat dissipation effect. Specifications: Color: Black Control Method: Digital Control + LED Display Input Voltage: 6.00 ~ 36.00V Output Voltage: 0.60 ~ 36.00V Output Current: Max. 5A Output Power: 80W Voltage Display Resolution: 0.01V Current Display Resolution: 0.001A Conversion Effect: About 88% Working Frequency: … Read more

Mô Đun Đếm Kỹ Thuật Số Mini Dc / Ac5V ~ 24V Với Giao Diện Npn Và Pnp 1~999999

Features: With LED display for clear reading. With power-off memory counting and data clear function. Input voltage: DC/AC5V~24V. Counting range: 1~999999 times. Specifications: Input Voltage: DC/AC5-24V Counting Range: 1~999999 times Module Size: 79 * 42 * 24mm / 3.11 * 1.65 * 0.94in Package Weight: 36g / 1.27oz Package Size: 8 * 5 * 3cm … Read more